Path11 Podcast Interview with Todd Acamesis

Founder of the Spiritual Underground, Todd Acamesis, was recently interviewed by Path11 Productions, the makers of The Path Trilogy Documentaries: Afterlife, Beyond the Physical and Evolution


Table of Contents

00.51: Todd talks about PandoraSpa and the PandoraStar Deep Trance Light Machine

09.20: Love as a force beyond self

13.00: The importance of building an inner support system for exploring Multidimensional reality

15.30: Lucid dreaming, false awakenings, and evidence physical reality is a mental construct

20.40: Can using technology like PandoraStar enable people to experience altered states more often

25.23: Data collection on results gained from using PandoraStar

27.42: The fear mind keeps us stuck in old patterns by blocking good things coming into our lives

28.55: Making a bigger contribution in the world with the PandoraSpa News Desk

30.35: The philosophy of filling the space you’re in to manifest more goodness in your life

33.01: Spiritual Underground and its free online resources

35.03: Remote Viewing and spiritual super powers

38.50: Working with Extraterrestrial and and the UFO phenomenon

43.20: Crop circle formation experienced during an out-of-body experience

45.27: Is the physical universe a virtual reality constructed just for the human experience

46.40: The multidimensional universe as an infinite frequency domain

48.46: Todd’s future free online Webinars

49.50: Meeting and communicating through the dream state



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  1. Can you pls reply on facbook. (Manuel Verdross) The message could easily go lost, since we’re not yet friends. Have a good day. Peace Manuel

  2. Hello anyone,

    Is this site still active? It seems defunct since 2017. I’ve just discovered it in 2018. I would love to be able to make some inquiries of Todd but can see no way of contacting him here. I’ve sent a friend request on FB, but realise it may be some time before he sees it and responds, if he responds at all. I’ve enjoyed all the material here, but need to go further than listening to the experiences of others as I need no convincing of any of this. I need some effective practices apart from the daily meditation I practice.


  3. I’m glad to say that since I wrote the above comment, I’ve found answers from Todd without bothering the physical person at all. Thanks to The Universe and Todd for so clearly and concisely helping me 🙂 Onwards and upwards!

    I’m still not seeing that this site itself is doing much work. It’s an artifact with not much energy. Oh well, only so much one piece of the internet can achieve.

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