Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys – Manifestation and Miracles Webinar

February 9th 2017 at 10pm – FREE

Manifestation happens in an instant. The only thing blocking your manifestations, is not taking full responsibility for your manifestation monkeys; your fears. This Webinar will show you what 100% responsibility looks and feels like – right here, right now, this Circus!

At the beginning of our spiritual journey, we underestimate the power of our light and our darkness. That’s because we’re still in denial of our own power and the influence it has in the world. But the only way to embrace your manifestation monkeys, is to acknowledge them by taking a fearless, moral inventory, which your Webinar hosts, Todd & Sky Acamesis, will show you how to do!

This Webinar will be the “ah ha” moment of your life. The moment that brings all your manifestation fears into sharp focus to be healed…

And by the end of this Webinar, you’ll sit in your chair with a manifestation map in your hands that shows you what you need to do – and exactly how to do it.

Life will then get easier and more enjoyable as you lovingly tame the manifestation monkeys currently on your back!

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