Developing Your Spiritual Super Powers Training Series
1 – Remote Viewing – Webinar

Sunday February 26th — 9pm to 10.30pm (GMT) — FREE

Developing Your Spiritual Super Powers’ is a series of free Webinars, devoted to assisting you in developing your natural spiritual super powers.

Training series one will focus on Remote Viewing…

For over 20-years, the US Army and CIA used and perfected a psychic information gathering system known as Remote Viewing, a system that enables you to tap directly into your super-conscious mind (also known as the Universal mind, akashic records and Zero Point Field).

Over 15-years ago, I was taught this phenomenal system by a TOP Remote Viewer in the US, who worked with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies. Now I’m going to teach this powerful psychic development system to you.

In this free Webinar, you’ll learn how to awaken and use your natural psychic abilities along with using proven scientific protocols, to obtain information about people, places, things and events – anywhere in the Universe and anywhere in time!

Potential and current uses of Remote Viewing:

• Locating missing people and objects

• Contacting deceased loved ones and spirit guides

• Channelling any information (like your future book!)

• Exploring past lives and probable future lives

• Exploring alternative time lines

• ET exploration and contact

• Contacting patients in a coma

• Obtaining the truth about religious questions

• Accessing records of your pre-incarnation life plan

• Forecasting business and social trends

• Exploring future technologies

• Finding mineral deposits and treasure hunting

• Find cures and develop new healing methods

• Historical events and information (who shot JFK?)

• Research and development

• Stock market and futures trading

• Taking conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact

• Personal family history and events

• Unsolved cases or mysteries

• The outcome of upcoming events

• The effects of a personal decision

• Problem solving

• Medical research

• And much more

Trainer Bio – Todd Acamesis

A trained remote viewer, self-taught out-of-body explorer and brainwave entrainment researcher, Todd has been exploring consciousness through expanded states of awareness for decades. More recently, he co-developed the ‘PandoraStar Deep Trance Light Machine’ system; a powerful flickering light device that entrains the brain to specific brainwave frequencies for inducing exotic states of consciousness.

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