Experiencing Synchronicities and Creating Spiritual Wealth Master Class – Webinar

Sunday May 28th — 8pm to 9.30pm (GMT) — FREE

When meaningful patterns emerge out of chaos, and you find yourself standing in the right place at the right time, you can be sure you’re in the flow of Synchronicity.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn the methods I use in my everyday life for activating Synchronicities to create spiritual wealth; a plentiful supply of everything good in the world for you and everyone around you.

Going with the Flow

Synchronicity is usually a component in everything we experience in life, which becomes most noticeable while in a state of consciousness known as the flow state.

The flow state is a powerful state of being, where you become fully immersed in the present moment – and become one with The All That Is.

While in this state, meaningful coincidences will emerge that can connect you with favourable circumstances, chance encounters, needed resources, like-minded people, and more…

And if you let go of all fearful control, trusting you can remain in the flow for an indefinite time, you will experience a cascade of Synchronistic events that will lead you to an elevated state of spiritual reality, where anything can happen!

Synchronicity Vortex

And finally, just coming into contact with people who regularly experience Synchronicities, can result in you experiencing them too, because you enter their energy field where such possibilities already exist.

As such, I look forward to welcoming you into my Synchronicity vortex during this Webinar!



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